Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decor and More

Although I haven't blogged much about the topic, I have become more and more interested in redecorating / learning to decorate on the cheap / transforming misfit pieces into vintage treasures.  My own design aesthetic as changed over the years.  In younger (child-less) days, I was enthralled with lush jewel tones and Victorian elegance.  My low budget result was a comfy-cozy male-friendly, if not dark & a bit hodge-podge, kind of style.  As my children grew to school aged and I went back to work, the clean efficiency of 1930s styling began to attract me.  I like things to have a function, not just a pretty.  As the children have grown it seems as if my house has shrunk!  So, I have also leaned towards anything that makes our home seem brighter, airy, and hopefully a little room.  Slowly, I have begun to set aside the heavy dark colors to replace them with creams and white.  Blue, which has not previously been in my color palette, is now creeping in with accompanying hues of turquoise and pale green.  And oh the joy of spray paint!  Instant gratification!! -I'm hooked.  Currently, my kitchen is a schizophrenic mix of the old and new.  ~Sigh~  But to redecorate, not just to celebrate a season, but to a completely new style, takes a little time on a budget.  For inspiration, I have cruised the blogoshere.  Here's what I like, love, and lurve!...

My Favorites:
I'm still developing my own style that works for the entire family - stay tuned....

Daily Mail UK

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Country Living

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  1. Love these pics1 They make my heart happy. I too have found that my sense of style has changed. In my 20s, I was poor, yet childless. Really didn't have a "style" per se. In my 30s, I was into the whole "folk art"/"Americana" country style. Now, in my 40s I too find myself drawn to the simplicity and beauty of cremes and whites.

    Oh, how I wish I could just "redo" it all...but *sigh* lots of littles :) underfoot makes re-decorating a bit challenging!

    By the way, I'm so excited to see you blogging again. Right now, I seem to have very little time or energy! to post, but I do love to read now and then.

    Miss you tons and hope all is well!