Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decor and More

Although I haven't blogged much about the topic, I have become more and more interested in redecorating / learning to decorate on the cheap / transforming misfit pieces into vintage treasures.  My own design aesthetic as changed over the years.  In younger (child-less) days, I was enthralled with lush jewel tones and Victorian elegance.  My low budget result was a comfy-cozy male-friendly, if not dark & a bit hodge-podge, kind of style.  As my children grew to school aged and I went back to work, the clean efficiency of 1930s styling began to attract me.  I like things to have a function, not just a pretty.  As the children have grown it seems as if my house has shrunk!  So, I have also leaned towards anything that makes our home seem brighter, airy, and hopefully a little room.  Slowly, I have begun to set aside the heavy dark colors to replace them with creams and white.  Blue, which has not previously been in my color palette, is now creeping in with accompanying hues of turquoise and pale green.  And oh the joy of spray paint!  Instant gratification!! -I'm hooked.  Currently, my kitchen is a schizophrenic mix of the old and new.  ~Sigh~  But to redecorate, not just to celebrate a season, but to a completely new style, takes a little time on a budget.  For inspiration, I have cruised the blogoshere.  Here's what I like, love, and lurve!...

My Favorites:
I'm still developing my own style that works for the entire family - stay tuned....

Daily Mail UK

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Country Living

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Artisanal Chocolates

While man-chatting and looking over the vintage motorcycles at Cafe Racer, my husband and the owner of the shop struck up a conversation with another customer in the store. He was wearing a chef-style uniform. They asked where he worked and that is how we first learned of a little piece of heaven on earth - Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates. So, "Chris" is a chocolatier. No, no... Chris is an Artist!

Luke and I were amazed this jewel was right here in our city.  The chocolate boutique is in the Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  There is one other store in San Francisco.  The shop is extremely modern and chic in design with all the chocolates for sale lined up in a glass case like precious jewelry.  Gems for my tummy!  Through a glass wall, you can view the chocolatiers at their work.

There are several treats to be had.  The little chocolates, chocolate bars, an assortment of different chocolate covered nuts, AND the most wonderful inventition EVER - Drinking Chocolate.  This is not your Mama's hot coca.  Nope.  I could have died right then and there a very happy woman. 

And you can sip your Drinking Chocolate at this swanky, Drinking Chocolate Bar under the chandelier while gazing out at the poor chocolate-less souls walking on the downtown sidewalk. Indeed, Christopher Elbow chocolates were ranked #1 on Food & Wine magazine's chocolate Top Ten!

The selection of chocolate was truly amazing. I tried a strawberry balsamic, a vietnamese cinnamon, and a raspberry chocolate. But my favorite was the Venezuelan Spice (dark ganache infused with a chili-spice blend).  OMG!  So if you are in Kansas City (or San Fran) you MUST stop by.  Luckily for the rest of us, you can also mail order your own little bit of heaven.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Omaha Outdoors

I'm a bit late posting for this week's Outdoor Wednesday but I thought I offer a few pictures of the old mrket area of Omaha, Nebraska.  We visited the Omaha Zoo and afterwards ate at the Upstream Brewing Company. I love the architecture and I can almost imagine what the area looked like in its heyday.


Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ol' Cluckers

Ain't this a beauty?  This little gem came with our house when we bought it.  It has adorned the back of the hallway bathroom door for seven years.  SEVEN years!!  How and why, I don't know.  I amaze myself that I never took it down before today.  Poor thing has always been missing a peg and couldn't hold any more weight that a wash cloth.  (sigh)  When my children were toddlers, they would talk to the baby chics when they took baths.  Ah yes, the chicken was a bit of a family mascot.  But now the children are bigger and (I hope) won't miss ol' Cluckers and her three little chicks.  Buh-bye!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halloween Post Cards

I love old postcards. They are snapshots in time of culture and history. Here are some vintage Halloween postcards and greeting card images I've collected from around the web. They are pretty hung as decorations or used in craft projects. Or they are just fun to share!

Did you notice tht several of the cards reference discovering the identity of one's future lover by looking in a mirror on Halloween? There are many superstitions related to mirrors.

But, Halloween night is the most popular time for using the mirror to discover a future mate. These Halloween "games" provide a fascinating insight into mirror magic and scrying as it was used among the common folk.

Apple Slices: At midnight sit down in front of a mirror and cut an apple into nine slices. Eat each slice from the tip of the knife. Before you eat the ninth slice, the image of your future lover will appear in the mirror and ask you for the final piece of apple.

Hair Combing: Stand before a mirror in a candlelit room and comb your hair. You will soon see the image of your lover-to-be standing behind you.
Cellar Stairs: Hold a mirror in front of you while walking down the dark cellar stairs backwards. You will see your intended's reflection in the mirror.

Happy (Jolly) Halloween to you!