Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elm Spring - Part 1

We take frequent trips to the area in central Missouri, the Ozark Highlands, where my husband grew up.  He is a proud Ozarkian (aka Hill-Billy). This summer we hiked part of my father-in-law's property in Mack's Creek, Missouri.  We were on the hunt for a spring that he had shown me the year prior.  We found it!  And explored its entire two mile length...

Luke and Joshua hunting along a likely washout for Elm Spring.

Abby helped us find the spring.  Good job, Abby!

Elm Spring.  This right where the water bubles up from the ground.  It is crystal clear, drinkable in fact, and very cold.

All along the creek that flows out from Elm Spring is breathtaking green.  The lushness of the green makes the creek stand out against the rocky brown Ozark terrain. 

Will and Josh try reenacting the trek to the spring that my Father-in-law's family did daily for water before they had indoor plumbing or even a well!

The water is so clear!

Beautiful oasis in the otherwise dry, woodland hills.

The explorers: Olivia Rose, Josher, Willy-Beast, & dear ol' Pa.
At some points the creek spread out over its rock base.
At other points, Elm Spring creek cut deep into the soil.

Here you can see the depth of the surrounding topsoil.

Livy found a good luck charm.  I wonder how old that horse shoe is.

My favorite spot - a little waterfall.

Will found his own place to relax.

Eventually we came to the confluence of Elm Spring Creek and another un-named creek.

The two creeks together make a nice little pool to dip in.  The children were very surpised just how cold the water could be.  In fact, the water temperature seemed to cool down the air temperature right around the creek - you can feel the difference by walking only a few feet away.

Come back soon and see what we found when we explored a bit further! 

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  1. I love these back woods pictures. It brings back memories of when My twin and I use to explore the woods and stream on the farm we had.
    The children look like real explores .
    It sounds like you wore many hats and had an interesting like.
    My first time visit..Will check back to see more of your great photos.
    May your day be blessed with friends and laughter

  2. It's obvious why that waterfall is your favorite spot- its so beautifully serene looking! Looks like your family had a great time.

  3. It is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time exploring! Reminds me of the property we had when I was a little girl. We actually had to cross over a river on a wooden bridge to get onto our property.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Hi! I'm stopping by from Outdoor Wednesday. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your hike. We don't get to do much of that here in the summer, but when the weather cools off and the snakes go away we do our best to get out and explore. Thanks for sharing.