Monday, August 2, 2010

6 Months Gone By...

Working in front of a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day, generally means that I really, REALLY don't feel like sitting down in front of another computer in my off time.  But, in the spirit of a grand "Mulligan." I'm declaring a do-over.

This is what has happened since I posted last...

1 wedding as matron of honor
3 babies born to dear friends
6 family birthdays
1 10th anniversary (mine!)
2 new house bought (not mine)
3 vacation trips to the farm
1 stay-cation due to tummy flu
4 case of tummy flu
1 ear infection
4 baby teeth lost (1 more dangerously loose)
3 dozen easter eggs found
1 set of car keys "misplaced"
26 jars of jam & jelly made
2 dog beds destroyed
16 inches cut from a little girl's hair
1 donation to Locks of Love
too many grandma tears to count!
2 wins at Scout Derby car races (1 for son, 1 for dad)
14 fencing lessons
1 soccer trophy
1 football trophy
4 boy scout patches
1 crazy tween girls sleepover
multiple grown-up sleepless nights
3 boxes of bandaids
dozens of Mama-make-it-better-kisses
"several" time-outs
... and lots and lots of LOVE!

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