Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tadpole Goodbyes

A Outdoor Wednesday Story:

This past summer, Olivia had a couple tadpoles she loved dearly. Their names: Fred and Sparkle. They had good lives in the aquarium by her bed. Fred and Sparkle grew quickly from tiny slips of almost nothing to hulky creatures squirming around their habitat. However, they never seemed to grow past a certain point. Little nubs for legs didn't lengthen... they seemed sad. Deciding that the smallish habitat may be to blame, Oliva bravely decided that Fred and Sparkle should be released into the wild. So, we tranferred the duo to a little bowl for traveling and set out for Burr Oak Woods. Near the nature center, a beautiful water garden was famous for its multitude of tadpoles and frogs. And that precious pond became the new home of our dear Fred and Sparkle.

"Willy-Beast" and "Rosebud"

New Watery Home

Sparkle ( left)     Fred (right)

The Moment of Truth

The pretty new home of Fred & Sparkle

The proud parents of future frogs

Bye-bye Fred. See ya Sparkle.

Good job kids


  1. Gillian, this is so sweet! What precious little ones you have, and that was brave and unselfish of them to release the tadpoles. I loved reading this. Probably my favorite story of the day. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...



  2. Too are such a great mom...instilling the love of nature, kindness, the necessity behind letting go at times...all wonderful traits!!!

    And see, joining Outdoor Wednesday has paid off! I see that The Quintessential Magpie dropped by. I often see her comments on various blogs I follow.

    Love ya,

  3. How dear! There sure to think that any frogs they come upon are the ones they freed. What a wonderful direction you are pointing them him.

  4. Thank you Magpie; I'm glad you enjoyed the tale. Mary & Val: it was the best way I could "transition" the tadpoles without tears and hopefully with a good lesson on doing what is best for others. If you look closely, poor Livy Rose about broke down. She loved this post as a tribute to her beloved pets (and yes, tadpoles can certainly be beloved).