Monday, October 19, 2009

Children's Community Garden

On the advice of my BFF, Valerie, over at Our Front Porch Looking In, I've made my first ever participation in OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY hosted by A Southern Daydreamer. This is looks like a lot of fun and I hope you check out some of the other OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY posts for this week.

I have been tending my sick children for what feels like weeks now. I thought a look back to "healthier" times was in order. Early this fall we attended the Fall Harvest Fest at the Kansas City Children's Community Garden. We had never been before so everything was new to us. It was a wonderful adventure and we plan to go back and particpate any way we can - maybe a few kiddo volunteer hours are in our future! LOTS of pictures follow!!

Veggie Garden near the entrance.

Sweet William inspects the lastest growth.

Children left the shells in the upper basin of this stone fountain.

There where several educational demonstrations going on. We watched as she spun cotton fibers (from the garden) into threads for weaving. Pretty cool.

On the path to another interesting area of the garden.

Hey! They have a coy pond too!

Do fish dream when they sleep?

Something cool. Not sure what.

Can't hardly have a proper festival without a microscope station. Duh.

I love the texture & color.

Making natural peanutbutter.

Me too.

Young owl brought to the festival by the folks at Lakeside Nature Center.

If your eyes were the same proportion as that of the owl, THIS is how big they would be!

Another Lakeside foundling. Kinda cute, uh?

The separate zones of discovery were great fun to explore along the winding paths.

My new best bud - the Bug Lady. Check out the shirt - awwwwwesome.

Dramatic. In a good way.

Lookie what Mama found!

The kids played games for free books.

The children are encouraged to pick & taste from the garden. These little gems were quite tasty! The chocolate mint didn't go over as well as I thought it would.

Room. With a view.

Not a color you see everyday.

We had fun.


  1. Oooh, what fun! Next time you return, please call us! We would love to join you.

    We planted our very own garden this spring. It was and wasn't a success...peppers, check; peas, check; green beans, check; corn, YUCK and carrots, YUCK! One thing I learned (after the fact...)corn needs lots of room to grow and so ours didn't do so well; carrots seem to magically multiply so you need to thin out...hmmmm!

    But, my kids loved the dirt aspect a ton. We are adding a 2nd rasied planting bed next spring for my very own herb garden! So excited!

  2. WElcome here at Outdoor WEdnesday. Your pictures are all looking great and I can see you all had a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing and tha nk you for your visit.
    The Netherlands

  3. Welcome! I hope the children are feeling better. The day you spent at the community garden must have been a wonderful experience for them. I know I loved it. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  4. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! This looks like a wonderful place to spend hours and hours! I love all of the different activities that they presented, the spinning really looked interesting. Thanks for sharing a fun day with us, and I hope the kiddos are on the mend. Kathy

  5. What a great experience for the kids, AND for you too -- LOVE the googly owl eyes demonstration. And the foundling possum -- wow. They look so menacing, but I understand they are very gentle and timid. I hope so!

    I hope your little ones will be "all better" soon. You must be exhausted!

  6. Thank you all for making my first Outdoor Wednesday so fun!