Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Dear Hubble

Though I have lead a decidedly terrestrial life, I like many other children lay on the lawn on hot, summer nights staring at the Moon and stars.  I even "borrowed" my brother's telescope to better sketch the surface of the moon and track the movement of my favorite constellations.  So, today, as an adult, it is no surprise that I have taken an interest in the magnificent and truly magical photos that have come from the newly refurbished Hubble Space Telescope.  Long in the tooth, the Hubble has recieved its last repairs.  I imagine my dear Hubble, self aware, churning out the images, capturing the research data, and transmitting all to us on Earth as if it knew its life was limited.

*Click on the photographs to enlarge them.*

These photos were released by NASA today, 09-09-09.  For more breathtaking images, visit the NASA website.  For a more complete story on these new images and the refurbished Hubble, visit this NPR website.


  1. Love these pics and I loved your recounting of childhood memories!

    I am home and Eli's surgery was a success! He was SITTING UP in bed a mere 24-hours after open heart. Kids are resilient.

    Isn't technology amazing? From sending pictures of our univerese back to earth to operating on pint-size hearts with success, one can truly see how God's hands have touched scientists, physicians, physicists, etc.

  2. These are so amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.