Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kids 1, Mama 0

A True Story...

THE SCENE: shower time with a Mom and her sweet, innocent, 3 year old little girl.  Mom is washing little girl.  All is well until...

LITTLE GIRL: (Giggling) Mama, your tummy is woggly. (Referring to the, well woggly, stomache of said Mother).

MOM: (Sighing) Yes, well, thats true.  But Mama is eating healthier and walking a lot so hopefully it will be less woggly later.

LITTLE GIRL: (Looking doubiously through the shampoo bubbles) Oh. (Giggles and tries pinching her own tummy skin)

MOM: (Feeling she gave little girl a positive body image kind of response, smiles to herself and then looks down at her tummy) You know, my tummy is this way because you were inside it once.

LITTLE GIRL: (Giggling) Me?  In there?

MOM: (Feeling a bit smug) Yes, we have talked about that. (Pointing to her belly) See?  You streched me all out.  (Returns to washing little girl's hair for a few moments of thoughtful silence)

LITTLE GIRL: (With a very earnest look)  So... then... What happened to your butt, Mama?