Sunday, March 8, 2009

G is for Garden

I enjoy feeding the fantasy by pouring over glossy gardening mags to perfect the sublime garden in my head. It's fun, but then I come to my senses, survey the yard, and go looking for inspirational AND practical information to work out my gardening dilemmas. In name, HGTV is Home & Garden TV. But, as the gardening shows have all but disappeared from the line-up, I'm left wondering what ever happen to the "G" in HGTV? Garden Rant has blogged on this very issue. Like Garden Rant, I lament the missing (and missed) gardening & landscaping shows like "Rebecca's Garden," "Gardener's Diary," "Gardener's Journal," "Urban Outsider," and others. My favorite show, "Gardening by the Yard" with Paul James has been cut from 4 shows a week to just one. More than pretty fluff, "Gardening by the Yard", provided a plethora useful knowledge and tools. I encourage you to click here to register a complaint with HGTV and let's see if we can get a little gardening back into the HGTV schedule somewhere between frantic weekend bedroom make-overs and cute house-hunting newlyweds.

1 comment:

  1. LOVING the debut of your blog. It is so YOU!!! I think that you definitely found your niche. Perhaps between the gardening and the blogging, you can satisfy your need for creativity!

    BTW...are you sure that you are not disguising yourself as the "middleland" and are actually "Garden History Girl?" When I clicked on her link I immediately thought of you. What a cool history major.

    Anyway, welcome to the blogging world. No pointers from me except a question...are you going to create labels? I have yet to add labels to my posts, but I am seriously considering it. Let me know. AND, yes, we think HGTV needs more gardeners and less house hunters riding buses shows!!!