Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Filling the Void

This last August, I completed my Master's in Environmental History. We decided, as a family we needed a break (and maybe a little $ too), so I re-entered the working world. I now work for the federal government. The transition hasn't been smooth. Though I enjoy some free time that was never available before, I can actually feel the slow atrophy of what is left of my brain. I miss the intellectual challenge of school. I picked up blogging in an effort to fill the void. I also thought I could air out some ideas I'm mulling over - I invite you to respond.
Thanks goes to Benjamin Vogt for making the first post to my fledgling blog. Vist his The Deep Middle and wish him luck on his upcoming dissertation defense. And a special thanks to my dear friend Valerie for providing inspiration and encouragement. She has a little "Garden Girl" of her own!
What follows is a four part series on urban faming in America. The idea was rolling around in my head for several years until I put together a poster presentation for the ASEH. I shelved the project afterwards; but my interest in urban farming has reignited while recently considering how to increase local food security during times of economic hardship.

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