Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vintage Cowboy

My daughter's horse riding coach is also co-worker of mine. Kirsten is having her first baby, a boy, due in January so I was so very happy to host her baby shower at work. Right away I knew we had to do something fun and unique for my fun and unique friend. Besides, Kirtsen is not exactly the pastel, ballons, and punch kind of gal. I found this fantastic fabric and decided on building the shower around it. Kirsten had a vintage cowboy baby shower.

I covered the table in red bandana fabric with the vintage print as a runner. The centerpiece was the little saddle Olivia uses while training. Around it I place vinatge toys like a pop-gun, and little model horses. Also, I decorated with my grandfather's 1950s felt cowboy hat and suede, fringed jacket my husband wore as a five year old playing cowboy dress up. Kirtsen's favorite flower are daises so I centered mason jars with daises down the runner.

Because it was a work, there wasn't much more decorating we could do. So, I scoured the internet for photos of vinatge children's book and record covers. I "framed" them inexpensively with mats and hung them around the room with gingham ribbon. Kirten's has them now to decorate the baby's nursery. So fun!

We made the baby shower male-friendly by serving pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, and coleslaw with rootbeer, cream soda, and blackcherry soda iced down in buckets. Kirtsen doesn't really like cake so we indulged in blueberry, cherry, and strawberry-rhubarb pie. I was a perfect cowboy pic-nic to honor coming baby Ezekiel.

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