Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fountain Fun

I love it when its time for another OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY...

The leaves have all fallen from the trees. The sky has lost the brillant blue of early autumn and has taken on the gray shawl of November. And with that, cold drizzle seems to be an every day occurance. It is the quiet, sleepy time between the colorful frenzy of Fall and the clean snowy white of Winter. I daydream of summers past. And my children - summer children, outdoor children - enjoying the world.

Every year as a celebration to the end of summer and the beginning of school days, we trek with Grandma to POWELL GARDENS, a short drive east of our home. Powell Gardens is beautiful bontonical garden. Our favorite part of the gardens is an awesome fountain designed for play.


Hold on!

You and me together.

Sweet William.

Their world.


Dance with me.

Big Sister will protect you.

Some bring swim suits for their kids to test the fountain waters. I watched, incredulous, as these tentative, suburban children walking the edge of the fountain. Not these two - reckless abandon would better describe them. That makes me smile. We save the fountain for last, looking forward to the cold refreshment after getting all hot and sticky on the garden trails. Somehow it seems a little more fun, perhaps illicit, to play in the fountain wearing your clothes. Mommy even gets in the water - sorry, no pictures of that. When they are tired, soaked, and happy, the kids laid on the cement path to warm and dry themselves (just a bit) before we made our way home.


  1. Gillian, thank you for your nice comment about my slide show. I'm so glad it led me to your "Middle Lands."

    I loved the photos of your children enjoying the fountains. Ahhhh ... the simple pleasures of life.

    You asked about the bird in one of my photos -- I'm not sure what kind it was, but it was enjoying the lily pads and lotus blossoms that day.

    I'll be back to visit you again soon.



  2. What fun the kids are having. Great photos!

  3. Oh my that is so much fun, my son would be tickled to play with them.

    Please check out our last road trip here in Korea.

  4. How fun is that?!!! What a day....I would've enjoyed it myself...it's the kid in me.

    My Outdoor Wednesday is the continuation from last week's venture...today, what we bought.

    The Peddler Show

    Happy Wednesday wishes to you.

  5. What a fun day. Love the expressions of joy on their faces.

  6. What wonderful photos! You'll treasure these in years to come. They look like they are having such a good time :-). Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  7. How fun! And what a fun mom you are to let them play in the fountain in their clothes! These are great photos of such a fun moment. Kathy

  8. There is so much joy in these photos! You have captured your children's spirit! Well done!

    Jane (artfully graced)

    PS...So glad you stopped by to visit today. It's always nice to "meet" new bloggers.

  9. powell gardens is great. i attended my first basket weaving class there last year!

  10. Gillian, I am finally back online, and I wanted to drop by and say thanks for the support! :-)

    Love these fountains. I can't imagine how much fun that would be to a child. I always loved to play in the sprinklers, but a fountain to play in has extra sparkle!

    I am fascinated with your career. Graduate studies in environmental history combined with your landscaping background is a very interesting background. So neat!


    Sheila :-)